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Khawvel ram hrang hranga hruaitu lian – an Lal, President leh Prime Minister ten dikna leh zalenna an ken kawh zel theih nan

Khawvelah inhuatna, tharum thawhna leh indonate a lo reha, inunauna leh inpumkhatna a lo awm theih nan. He lama hma latu UNO tan

Khawvelah remna leh muanna a thlen theih nan

The Mizoram Presbyterian Church is one of the constituent bodies of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India, which has its headquarters at Shillong in Meghalaya manned by three Administrative Secretaries.
The administrative set up of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod is highly centralized. The Synod, having its headquarters at Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram State, is the highest decision making body of the Church.

The financial operation, the personnel matters, the administration, management and the execution of works of the Church are all directly or indirectly supervised and controlled by the Synod Headquarters.

Mizoram is one of the States of the Indian Union. It is flanked by Bangladesh in the West and Myanmar in the East. Mizoram occupies a very strategic position in the Indian Union having an international boundary of 630 kms. with Myanmar and Bangladesh. It is a small state which covers an area of 21,087 (Twenty one thousand, eighty seven) sq. kms. lying between 21.95 N and 24.39 N latitude and 92.16 E and 93.40 E longitudes, with the Tropic of Cancer running through the heart of Mizoram. It has a total population of 891,058 (Eight hundred, ninety one thousand, fifty eight)

Advent of Christianity
The whole perception of the religion of the Mizos changed with the advent of Christianity brought about by the British pioneer missionaries in 1894 to the soil of Mizoram. Within half a century the Mizos (indigenous people of Mizoram) embraced Christianity and within a decade or so, the church in Mizoram came into existence.

The Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod (MPCS), estabished in 1896 is the largest church in Mizoram located in North-East India. It is a member of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India (PCI), and of the North East India Cristian Council (NEICC) and the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI). It is also a member of World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), and the Council for World Mission (CWM) through PCI.

Statistics 2014-2015

Local Churches

-  1266

Communicant members

-  4,10,175

Total Members

-  5,98,778


-  289


-  51

Minister (Pastor, etc.)

-  516

Probationary Pastors

-  61


-  5,456


Contributions 2015 Apr - 2016 Mar. : Rs. 1,64,58,39,421/-

Mission And Evangelism :
The MPCS, through its Mission board operated 16 Mission Fields with 1,744 workers in various places in and outside India in 2009. The total expenditure was ` 28,89,57,225. It also entered into partnership with the Church Mission Society (CMS, London), Christian Reformed World Mission (CRWM, USA), Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and several other inland FBOs

Medical Services :
MPCS is engaged in health care for more than hundred years care for more than hundred years now. A 300-bedded Presbyterian Hospital and 39 health centres have been in operation now. In the vicinity of the Hospital, an orphanage home is located which can ocommodate 50 orphans. To reach the remotest of villages of Mizoram, Presbyterian Hospital organises a mobile clinic.

Theological Education :
Aizawl Theological College with humble beginning in 1907 have been upgraded to post graduate study centre. In addition, the college offers Bible correspondence course and organizes Mobile Theological School in rural and urban areas. The Calvin Study Centre is Located in the college campus. The college is affiliated to Serampoore University. The church also run two Bible Schools - Presbyterian Bible School and Presbyterian Hindi Bible School.

Training Programme :
MPCS has established institutions for training in varius fields, such as pastoral care and Councelling Centre started in 1997. It also organises training course in rural areas.

Lay leaders ministerial training under the care of Synod Multipurpose Training Centre was started since 1996. 5,000 lay leaders were trained in the centre so far. It also offers vocational training courses in different trades like tailoring, shoe-making and computer applications About 1,000 young boys and girls have undergone various courses.

Another training school, Mission Development Training Centre is located in a rural area which gives training in agriculture, poultry farming and carpentry courses.

Three-Self Churh :
MPCS can be described as a three-self church as it is self - supporting, self - administering and self-propagating. It supports itself financially with the contributions made by its church members. It does not depend on any external funding. The church has a centralized organizatiional set up in terms of ministry and finance.

It is fortunate that there is no lack of personnal for the pastoral ministry as well as for mission and evangelism. The majority of the missionaries who are working under CWM belong to the MPCS.

Prayer Meeting :
Every Local churches hold prayer meeting every morning and every Saturday night. Many local churches organize evening prayer meetings also. The youth and women groups also meet every Monday and Tuesday evening respectively for prayer and other activities. The church encourages every family to have a daily family devotion at home.

Socio-Political Concern :
MPCS, through its Social front wing, has been actively involved in organizing campaigns and seminars on political education for the general mass. It also issues pamphlets abd booklets to all the churches outlining what to do as a good citizen during elections processes at all levels and also the state government as a whole may function smoothly. This programme has covered two-third of rural and urban areas of Mizoram State so far in 2009.

The MPCS with other major churches and prominent NGOs formed a common platform to reform politics known as the Mizoram People Forum (MPF) in 2006. This forum framed election guidelines for all contesting parties, outlining the Dos and Don’ts at the time of India, a leading daily newspaper in India remarked; “A day after, Mizoram salutes the ‘real winner’. Parties and people hail Mizoram People Forum, a social group, for ensuring a peaceful election.” Another political observer commented, “This should be a role model to be emulated in the rest of the country.”

The MPCS runs two care centres called Rescue Home and Grace Home in which patients of alcohol and drug addicts and HIV/AIDS are treated. The programme includes de-toxification, rehabilation and after care. About 3,000 patients have been treated so far thrugh this programmes.

Relief work and sex-education also have been the purview of the Social Front. In the event of natural calmities, the MPCS extended its financial assistance to the victims to the tune of millions of rupees during the last decade. It also imparts sex education to the people from time to time.

Literature and Publication :
MPCS, since its inception had been the forerunner in the fields of iterature and publishing in Mizoram. The oldest monthly, Kristian Tlangau (Christian Herald) continues to visit every corner of Mizoram till today. To educate, nurish, nurture the church members, there are monthlies for children, youth fellowship as well as theological journal and news letters totalling more than 2,00,000 copies every month.

There are more than 30 book distribution centres in Mizoram. Even the remotest villages have access to these centres for the secular and sunday school text books. No loss no gain policy of the church’s publishing house continues to maintain the market rates for selling of books and jurnals till today.

Address :

Synod Office, Aizawl-796001
Mizoram, India
Phones :
2324448, 2335821 (EPABX)
Fax : 91-389-2322132

E-mail : [email protected]  [email protected]

Contact Persons -

91-389-2316416, 2323462
Senior Executive Secretary
91-389-2316414, 2322659
Executive Secretaries :
91-389-2316415, 2325110
2316436, 2322658

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