The celebrations will take place at their annual Assembly
from 8 to 12 March at Chanmari. The Assembly’s theme, ‘Revival from the Lord’
reflects the events in Mizoram in 1906, when the Welsh Revival sparked a Mizo
revival, in which several BMS missionaries were involved. The Assembly will
feature guest speakers and worship services every morning and evening. A message
received by BMS from BCM this week asked British Baptists to pray for a new
revival in Mizoram in the months to come.

The revival of 1906 is described by BMS partners in Mizoram as a time when
practically the whole of Mizoram was covered by a wave of spiritual awakening.
BMS Director for Mission David Kerrigan recalled how three years ago when
visiting Mizoram he was taken to a village where Rev James Lorrain had preached:
"Lorrain was one of the two early BMS pioneer missionaries, the other being Rev
Frederick Savidge. Lorrain once went up on to the mountain top overlooking a
village to pray, accompanied by some of the Christian elders in the village.
That night he recalled how they were ‘taken up into heaven’ as the Holy Spirit
fell upon them. The next morning they went down into the village and began to
preach and in the days that followed nearly 400 people were converted. Visiting
the village these many years later, they brought out the communion cloth Rev
Lorrain had used in order to celebrate the Lord’s Supper amongst the new
believers during that visit."

"We pray that this year the good Lord will once again send the spirit of revival
to us ," said Rev H Lianngaia, the General Secretary of BCM, "that we may
proclaim the Good News in a more enthusiastic spirit. Though you may not be able
to be present at the Assembly in body, we are sure that you are with us in
spirit, and we also know that you will be praying for us, especially at this
year of Revival Centenary that the BCM will once again be drenched in the Holy