A Counseling Centre called Family Guidance & Counseling Centre was established in 1997 People who have problems at home come and get advice from this Centre and many couples as well as individuals have received proper guidance from this Centre.

The function of the centre is defined and supervised by a Committee which operates as a Sub-Committee under the Synod Executive Committee. The function of the Centre are as follows –

The centre conducts training sessions in its area of specialisation for Lay Leader (Church Elders) and Pastors.

Seminars, Consultations, Trainers’ Training, etc. are also conducted by the Centre according to the needs perceived in the area of family guidance.

A major portion of the Centre’s work is concentrated on families, its target group. The Centre actively seeksto find remedies for different problems arising within families through individual and group counselling.

Family Guidance & Counselling Committee (2016 – 2018) :

Chairman : Rev. PC Pachhunga, Executive Secretary i/c FG&CC
Secretary : Rev. R. Lalhmingthanga, Director, FG&CC

Members :
1. Rev. Lalrinmawia, Electric Veng
2. Upa H. Zoliana, Durtlang North
3. Rev. Vanroluaha, Hunthar
4. Upa R. Lalmalsawma, Mission Veng
5. Rev. Dr. H.Vanlalruata, A.T.C
6. Upa H.Lalhlimthanga, Dinthar
7. Rev. K.Lalrammawia, Airfield Vengthar
8. Upa Lalhuapzauva, Bungkawn
9. Pu Zonunsanga Ralte (CKTP)
10. Pi Bualchhumi (Central Kohhran Hmeichhia)

At present, we have 6 Centres within the State and the staff of the FG&CC are as under –

Main Centre, Mission Veng (Ph. No 0389 – 2324443)
1. Rev. R. Lalhmingthanga, Director
2. Rev. C. Rosiama, Mission Veng
3. Rev. C. Sangliana, Thuampui
4. Upa H.Lalchhandama, Bungkawn
6. Nl. Malsawmsangi, Tuikual Veng

Bawngkawn Centre (Ph. No 0389 – 2306693)
1. Rev. Lalhleia, Chaltlang South
2. R. Lalbiaktluanga, Chaltlang

Vaivakawn Centre (Ph. No. 0389 – 2344324)
1. Rev. J. Vanlalhnuna, Hunthar
2. Pi Vanngaii, Dawrpui Vengthar

Champhai Centre (Ph. No. 03831 – 234055)
1. Rev. Jonathan Pachuau, Champhai Vengthlang
2. Nl. Zorampari, Champhai Vengthlang

Serchhip Centre (Ph. No. 03838 – 226128)
1. Rev. R. Ramnghinglova, Serchhip AOC Veng
2. Nl. Vansangliani, Serchhip AOC Veng

Kolasib Centre (Ph. No. 03837 – 220180)
1. Rev. Samuel Lalrinsanga, Kolasib Venglai
2. Nl. Agnes Vanlalhruaii, Kolasib Venglai