Subject: Pastor/Minister te thlalak

Kan Kohhran Pastor/Minister zawng zawng te thlalak leh hming ordained kum etc hi he synod website ah hian en theih in a awm em ? khawi lai ah hian nge a awm ? Awm lo nise dah tum ani em ?

I thil duh hi website-ah chuan dah a ni lova, dah tumna pawh a awm lem lo. Pastor Directory hi a bu in siam a ni a, office lamah rawn ngaihven teh khai.

Subject: complaint regarding marriage rule

sir,i dont know if i will get a reply for this but i do want to put down my grievances. I am a presbyterian girl from arunachal pradesh and i am getting married soon. Our pastor showed us a book of guidelines on marriage where in the ring ceremony only groom is allowed to put the ring and not the girl. Why is that? I searched but couldnt find presbyterian wedding system sticking to one ring only system.Every international presbyterian system follows the exchange of rings. Then why is it followed so rigidly here? Why hasnt anybody said something about this? My pastor is hell bent on following this so called guideline. The bible has not laid down any specific pattern for wedding system that means we can alter it a bit according to our locality and needs as long as we maintain the sanctity of the ceremony. I was only asking to allow the bride to give the ring too. Did i mess with the sanctity of the ceremony? I want an answer.

Thank you very much for your question and of airing your grievances regarding the wedding ceremony that you are having in the short time. With regards to the bride giving a ring to the bridegroom the Rule Book of the Presbyterian Church of India (PCI) is silent on it and only recommends giving of the ring by the bridegroom. In practise, if the bride wants to give a ring it is then given during the reception which is attended by families and friends. In order to understand this guideline since the church is concentrated in the North East and the cost of marriage being high it is felt that handing over of rings will be a burden on the people.
Therefore, I would request you to kindly bear with the Rule Book. It is not the prerogative of the Pastor to change the Rule Book and Guidelines. So, I kindly
request you to bear with us. I wish you a very happy married life always keeping Jesus Christ in the centre.
Subject: Request for contact number

Rev K. Thangzauva number neihtheih dan hi a awm mial en o…

Rev. K. Thangzauva hi chu kan hre mai lova. I rawn sawi tum hi Rev. Thangzauva a nih zawk chuan hei hi a number a ni e. +91 9612950043

Subject: Article chhuah chhawng tura ngenna

Beihrual hman tan dan tih Pi Laldawnkimi, Activist, Synod Office ziah hi a bengvarthlak kan ti hle a. Kan Kohhran Tuikhuahtlang chanchinbu ah khawngaiha chhuah min phalsak chuan kan lawm hle ang…

In duh phawt chuan chhuah kan phal khawp e.

Subject: zawhna

1.Zing Tawngtai Thupui hi Downlod theihin in dah thei em ?
2.Sermon Audio in Website ah hian in dah thei lo niin ka hria a.Office ah rawn kal in a copy mai tur a awm em ?

Zing Tawngtai Thupui (Lalpa Pawl Nan) i duh chuan download section-ah lut la, i hmu mai ang. Amaherawhchu, kan dahna a rei deuh tawh a, phek 3-na velah a awmin ka hria. Sermon Audio hi chu mimal hnenah pekchhuah a rem lo.

Subject: Zawhna

Inkhawm kaihhruaina bu hi a soft copy in a hmuhtheih angem le.

Hotu lam atangin phalna kan hmuh loh chuan kan rawn dah mai thei lo. Kan hotute kan lo la sawipui dawn nia.

Subject: Request

Dear Sir, My name is Joseph. We are working in Kuwait. My wife is working as a staff nurse here. She had completed her Bsc Nursing from CMC Vellore. I have one daughter, doing her 12th standard science group here. She would like to join for MBBS in CMC Vellore and wish to continue her service as a missionary doctor. We have noticed that you are one of the sponsor for MBBS course in CMC Vellore. Sir, could you please inform me the formalities to apply for the sponsorship for MBBS in CMC Vellore, under your Mission for the year 2015. God Bless you all.

According to the sponsorship rules of our mission, we only sponsor members of our denomination and as such we are very sorry, we cannot help you.

Subject: Thlalak

Rev William Williams a thlalak fiah deuh download tur emaw lak chhawn mai tur a awm thei angem?

Kan nei mai lo tlat.

Subject: Synfocity

Synfocity hi ka mail ( ah hian min lo thawn turin ka ngen a che. Tin,min chawi angai em? a ngaih chuan min lo hrilh nghal khawngaihin.

kan rawn thawn ang che man chawi a ngai lovang

Subject: Sermon Audio Download

Audio/Visual tih atang hian sermon(Audio) hi download dan a awm em,khawngaih in sermon download dan min hrilh theih chuan ka lawm ngawt ang (Letters tih ah hian chhanna ka lo beisei ang)

Audio/visual sermons hi a size a len deuh avangin kan upload lo a, office lamah rawn ngaihven mai ta che