Subject: Zawhna

Kohhran dang an mahni kohhrana dan zawhkim ni sa te kan kohhran a an lo luh hian Baptisma chan nawn tir leh kher tur a ni em ?

Nupa chungchang dan a a lan dan chuan kan kohhran ina sacrament a pawmpui theih te chauh hi Baptisma chan nawn ngai lo chu an ni e. (vide Nupa chungchang dan 14 Edition 2012 Bung 1 G)

Subject: Ordering Kristian Hla Bu

I am from Amarillo, Texas and would like to order 20 copies of KHB. Dont know who to contact or the contact person. Any form of assistance and help would be appreciated. Please help!!

You may contact The Manager, Synod Bookroom, Mission Veng, Aizawl – 796001 the email address

Subject: synfocity lak dilna

khawngaihin ka email-ah hian synfocity min rawn thawn ve turin ka ngen che u.

kan rawn thawn e, i lo hmuh ngei kan beisei

Subject: Tanpuina

Aizawl a kangmei tuar an awm hian Mederator hian ralna a pe tih kan lo hmu thin a, Hei hi aizawl chauh nge kan Kohhran mi tawh phawt mizoram pum a mi chu kan huam tir? Aizawl chauh anih chuan a fuh thei dawn em ni ka tia, nge hmundang pawh Bialtu Pastor kaltlangin kan pe chhuak ve thin.

Synod hian mi harsa te leh vanduaina tawk te tanpuinan Relief fund a nei ve a, hei hi Bial/Kohhran ten Bialtu Pastor hriatpuina in Office ah an rawn dilpui thei a, he relief fund pek dan ah hian Kohhran emaw an awmna hmun/khua thliar a ni lo, kohhran pawl dang pawh kan pe tho thin a ni..

Subject: baptisma list

Hello, kum 1930-40 inkar vela baptisma list kha internet ah hian en na tur a awm em?

Baptisma list hi Archives ah kawl that vek a ni a, a tam tham deuh avang leh sensitive document anih avangin website ah chuan kan load thei lo.

Subject: Zawhna

Engtikahnge Nilai thupui leh Sunday School zirlai hi download a theih ang aw. Chuan Ramthar December issue kha ka download in September a lo awm daih zel, engemaw a chhan le. Engpawhnise, kumthar chibai u.

Kum that chibai le Nilai leh beihrual thupui chu a download theih tawh e. A dang pawh karleh lamah chuan kan rawn upload ang

Subject: Visit to Mizoram

On December 4 I sent an email to Rev. Zosanglina Colney asking if February 12-14, 2013 would be convenient for myself and three co-workers to visit Aizawl for the purpose of reviewing and refreshing the partnership between the Synod Mission Board and Christian Reformed World Missions. To date I have not had a response. I fear that I may not have had the correct email address. I sent the message to If this address is incorrect, please send me the correct one. If it is correct, please check to make sure that the message actually arrived in Rev. Colneys email. May the Lord bless you richly.

Rev. Zosangliana Colney was busy at the Synod Assembly from December 4 -10. We will convey this message to him. Please send your mail to

Subject: Rate zawhna

Electric Veng presbyterian kohhran golden jubilee 2013 a mi tur magazine size mizopa phek 50, thlalak hlang chuanna tur copy 700 vel budget-ah dan kan duh a. a rate min hrilh thei ang em?

Hei hi chu Synod Press lamah zawh chi a ni ang. A hmuna kal chilh a, in duh dan te sawifiah deuh a ngai bawk ang.

Subject: Mission Field

Zing tawngtai thupui ah hian Mission Field hrang hrang tan kan tawngtai thin a, Mizoram Synod hnuai ah hian Mission Field hi engzatnge awm? a hming leh a thawktute min hrilh thei em? tawngtainaa an hming lam tel duh chang in hriat a va tha ve.

Hei hi chu Synod Mission Board lamah chiang lehzualin a zawh fiah theih ang. A hnuaia email address-ah hian zawt la, an hrilhfiah thei ang che.

Subject: Zawhna

Sermon chi hrang hrang Synfo in TV-a a tihchhuah te hi download theih turin a upload theih ang em ?

Tun dinhmunah chuan theih rih loh. Internet speed a chak loh avangin video sermon thui tak hi upload a la remchang rih lo a ni. A duh tan chuan Synfo Office atangin ngaihven theih a ni e.