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Lalpa ka lo hnaih ve theih nan. Ka nun hi a dik lo tih ka hre si a, ka tal chhuah theih ve nan.Lalpa hi kan chhungkaw chunga a that em avangin leh a chunga kan chhungkua tihsual zawng zawnga ngaihdam min dilpui turin.


I just wanted to ask for more prayer for my friend Sohrab, I previously asked for prayer of Salvation. My friend just came back from India, he was on a Secular mission trip. I asked that the Lord take him off his track just as he did Saul before he became Paul. I believe the Lord is stirring something in him because of your prayers. Just yesterday he told me that he feels out of sorts, he is questioning faith and God and doesnt know what to do. He feels very confused and depressed. I told him to pray and ask God to reveal himself to him. He is of another faith and believes he was born into that faith and has no choice but to remain in this faith. He is aware of Jesus and believes he is one of many ways to the Father. Please continue to pray that the Lord would reveal himself to him in this time and he would empower him with the Holy Spirit. Bless you.

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Please pray for the salvation of my best friend Sohrab, he is a non believer of the Zaurastrian faith, he believes that Jesus is not the only way to the Father but one of many ways. He is presently in India on a secular mission trip, I ask that the Lord take him off his track just as he did Saul before he became Paul, and renew his spirit. I ask for the Holy Spirit to hover over him and empower him. I ask that the Lord remove the blinders from his eyes and enlighten him with his presents. I ask that the Lord have mercy on him as he transforms him in this country. Let him come home with a testimony that praises the Lord Jesus every day of his life. Give him revelation that Jesus is the only way to the Father. I feel an urgency and a pressing from the Lord to call on the Lords prayer warriors to intercede for this young man, please come along side me and present this man to the Lord. Bless you.

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