The Bible School is commonly known as ‘Presbyterian Bible School’ (PBS) managed by the Sub-Committee/Board appointed by the Synod Executive Committee.

The Presbyterian Bible School has come into existence as a result of an agenda put up by the Aizawl East Presbytery to the Synod meeting held in the year 2002. After a long discussion on the matter, it was resolved that the Bible School should be established. (Vide. Synod Resolution No. 31. 2002). Accordingly, it was started on the 18th, May, 2004.

* Functions and activities
Of the functions and activities of the PBS, there are some important five areas of functions and activities to be mentioned as :-

~ To enable men and women members of our church to pursue theological studies especially to all those who have not had yet a privilege of attending in any Seminary or Bible School.
~ To impart a sound Biblical knowledge and also to inculcate a Christian faiths and doctrines into the minds of the students.
~ To equip basic theological knowledge, understanding and also to acquire basic skills in certain areas and dimensions of pastoral ministries, cares and counselling. etc.
~ To train the students to be deeply rooted in the Bible, maintaining Christian doctrines, confession of faiths and to be made aware themselves of ethical, religions, political, socio-cultural issues facing in our present society. And also to be enabled the Student to respond those issues effectively and meaningfully.
~ To make the students to be faithful followers of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ by being bearing the burdens of bringing other people to Christ. To speak in short, one of the main objectives of the PBS is to train students to be a faithful servant who can demonstrate Christ like life-style in their ministries towards all humankind.

* Activities
~ The PBS introduces three Batch (session) in a year’s Each batch has three month duration (i.e. Jan – April, May – August September -December.)
~ The PBS trains the students so that they can involved themselves in preaching and teaching the words of God more meaningfully and effectively.
~ The PBS have been used to organise the so called programme “get to know Aizawl city programme” by visiting all the important places like archives, state museum, religious places etc. in and outside Aizawl city at least once in every batch.
~ ‘Diploma Certificate in Theology’(C.Th.) has been awarded to all qualified students by the Governing Board of PBS.
~ The PBS has an evangelical ethos and encouraged the students to bear the burdens of propagation of the Gospels of Christ.

*Members of the Governing Board
The Governing Board functioned as a sub-committee under the Synod Executive Committee. There shall be PBS Board Committee consisting of eleven members. The term of each member lasted for three years (except Chairman & Secretaries).

The existing Committee/ Board members of Presbyterian Bible School are as follows:-
Chairman : Synod Moderator
Secretary : Principal, PBS

1) Upa F. Lalthianghlima, Ramhlun Vengthlang
2) Rev. Dr. K. Lallawmzuala, ATC
3) Rev. R. Lallianpara, Thingsulthliah
4) Upa C. Lalbiakthanga, Bawngkawn
5) Upa Lalrindika, Saikhamakawn
6) Rev. J. Vanlalhnuna, Chaltlang
7) Rev. Lalrinmawia, Maubawk

Ex-Officio-Members : Synod Secretary (Sr) & Executive Secretary i/c PBS

* Present status
As has been mentioned above, the PBS was established just two years ago, so it does not have yet its own building. Fortunately, the Synod Executive Committee allows to PBS to occupy a pucca building located near the Conference Centre with which is well equipped furniture and many other facilities. According to the Academic Calendar for this year, the PBS was re-opened on the 10th January, 2006 along with total strength of 24 students. This is the sixth batch right from the beginning of the PBS. So, we are looking forward for brighter prospects and fruitful ministry through the grace of God Almighty.

Contact :

Presbyterian Bible School
Mission Veng, Aizawl – 796 001
Mizoram, India
Telephone – 91 0389 2324443
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