The Synod Executive Committee 106:21 dt. 5.11.1987 passed a resolution to establish an archive. A three member panel was assigned to study and to make proposals which were then approved by the Synod Executive Committee 109:6(f) dt.23.6.1988. Rapid progress could not be made in pursuance of the matter due to lack of manpower and other factors. In view of the 100th year of the Gospel in Mizoram, the Centenary Archive was formed, with a specific worker assigned to it, in one of the rooms in the Synod Office.


Available Documents :
An assortment of old and new documents, which would be useful even at a later date, are continually collected. Below is a general list of documents collected :
~ PCI Assembly minutes, NEICC minutes, Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod minutes, various Presbytery minutes, Pastorate minutes, Church Women and Church Youth Conference minutes.
~ Synod Executive Committee minutes, Officers’ Meeting minutes, and minutes of the various Synod Departments.
~ The Bible and various Hymn books.
~ Specific study texts e.g.. Nilai and Beihrual Thupui, Worlds Sunday School study texts, etc.
~ Magazines (monthly and weekly).
~ Many different books (English and Mizo).
~ Other important files and records.
~ Photographs from the time of the Welsh missionaries.
~ Pastors and Church Elders’ Baptism and Wedding Registers.


Preservation :
Documents are carefully stored in steel almirahs and bookcases. Heat convectors and other preservative chemicals are also used to protect the documents from pests.


Terms of usage :
Archived materials may be used on a whereis basis and are not be taken elsewhere.
Duplicate copies of wedding and baptism documents may be obtained upon payment of Rs.10/- per sheet


Ongoing Projects :
For easy reference of documents as well as preservation of the originals, documents are being made in software form.


Committee :
The Archive functions under the directives of a sub-committee of the Synod Executive Committee.