A brief outline :
The Presbyterian Hospital celebrates its 79th anniversary this year. From its humble beginning of one Doctor, one Nurse and six beds in 1928, it has progressed to 23 Doctors, 12 of whom are Specialists, 114 Nursing Staff and 300 beds, during this 79 years. The growth, through not very dramatic in nevertheless slow and steady, keeping pace with the needs of the people it served. Side by side with the hospital, the Nursing School also progresses steadily, producing good quality Christian Nurses.

The Hospital also has 3 (three) outreach Centres outside the hospital campus, namely :

Dr. Fraser’s Clinic — For out-door patients.
Grace Inn — a drop-in centre for persons with substances abuse problems.
Millennium Centre — in the busy Millennium Shopping Centre for out-door patients.

The hospital is equipped with all the modern equipments as would be expected of a secondary level health care delivery institution, including a licensed Blood Bank. It is also the only Barrier-Free hospital in the state. Besides the routine out-door patients and wards facilities, there are 2 other special wards, namely :

Grace Ward — a special ward dedicated solely for the care and treatment of substance abuse victims. It consisted of two wards one for Absess management and the other for de-toxification.

Grace Home — a hospice for AIDS patients with medical problems.

Over and above the work in the Hospital, a mobile clinic team regularly visits the interior villages throughout the length and breadth of the state, delivering health services to those unable to obtain treatment elsewhere.

Mission Statement :
The Welsh Missionaries started this hospital and Nursing School, based on two guiding principles, which are :
To care for all the sick and needy at all times without discrimination.
To train quality nurses with strong Christian principles.

Governance :
The hospital is governed by a board constituted by the Presbyterian Church, Mizoram Synod. The Synod Moderator is chairman of the Board, and the Hospital Director, the Board Secretary. The members consisted of representative from all the Presbyteries under the Mizoram Synod, 7 nominated members, 2 staff representatives and 6 ex-officio members, 3 from the Synod Office and 3 from the Hospital Administrative Staff. The Governing Board meet twice a year, and to manage the day-to-day running of the hospital, a Board Executive Committee is instituted, which meets every month.

Finance :
In the beginning, the hospital was a free hospital, all the costs borne by the churches in Wales. Eventually, minimal charges were levied for accommodation, food and medicines. This policy is maintained till today, in order to accommodate everyone especially the economically disadvantaged groups, the deficit somehow filled in by the Mizoram Synod. At any given time, the back-log of unpaid bills, that has accumulated over the years amounted to Rs. 4,500,000.00 to Rs. 5,000,000.00. Inspite of this the hospital manages to thrive and grow, proving that money alone does not sustain an institution, rather it is good governance and the good-will and un-ending prayers of the Churches that gives it sustenance.

Partners :
The Hospital work closely with the following organisations to deliver health-care services :

The Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Mizoram — for RCH Services, Tuberculosis treatment, Control of Malaria, Cancer Detection, Blindness Control and MNGO Services.
The Mizoram AIDS Control Society for Drop-in-Centre, Hospice — Grace Home.
The Christian Blind Mission (CBM) for Eye Services.
The Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) for Malaria Control, Community Development Programme and Training.
UNODC, H13 Project for Oral Substitution Therapy.
The Mizoram State Social Welfare Department for State Referral Centre for persons with disabilities.

Future Plans :
Upgradation of Nursing School to college of Nursing, steps are already taken for staff development.
Extension of Grace-Home (Hospice for AIDS victims) to accommodate more patients and to start a comprehensive treatment and training centre for the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
To build a new Hospital Chapel, since with the growth in staff and patients, the old one has become too small.

Contact :

Derhken Tlang, Durtlang 796025
Aizawl Mizoram

Tel: 0389-2362241/2361222/2362240 Fax: 0389-2361185
Email : preshospital_durtlang@rediffmail.com ; presdrt05@bsnl.in