The Synod Information & Publicity Department was started in 2002. It is a Sub-Committee under the Synod Executive Committee and is headed by an Executive Secretary. The main functions of the Department are:

  • To collect news form various departments of the Synod and
  • to publicise it
  • To maintain the official website of the Mizoram Synod
  • To maintain Hruaina Eng (24×7) TV Channel through LPS & ZONET Cables.
  • Audio-Visual Productions, etc.

It publishes a weekly updated news bulletin Synfocity for the local media and sends out the same to a number of recipients by E-mail. It also supplies News in pictures and Sermon-Videos to the local TV Operators. The Department covers all the important conferences/ meetings/functions under the Synod with video for publicity and archives.


Information & Publicity Sub-Committee (2016 – 2018)

Chairman : Rev. B. Sangthanga , Executive Secretary i/c Information & Publicity
Secretary : Upa Zonunmawia, Co-ordinator i/c Information & Publicity

Members :

  1. Upa Sailothanga, Vaivakawn
  2. Upa Biakchungnunga, Chawnpui Vengthlang
  3. Upa Lalrochuanga, Zarkawt
  4. Rev. Laldintluanga, ATC
  5. Upa F. Lalfakzuala, Dawrpui
  6. Rev. Rualthankhuma, Khatla
  7. Rev. Remlalfaka, MTC
  8. Pu R.K. Lianzuala, Bethlehem
  9. T.Upa V.L. Muanchhana
  10. Upa C Lalremsiama, Aizawl Venglai

The staff of the Information and Publicity Depatment are as under –

  1. Upa Zonunmawia, Coordinator
  2. C. Zohmingliana, Web Assistant
  3. Lalruatsaka, Editing Assistant
  4. Peter Lalanpuia, Cameraman
  5. H Laltanpuia, Recording Assistant
  6. David Lalruattluanga, Recording Assistant (Video)
  7. Lalramhmuaka, Recording Assistant (Audio)
  8. Zothantluanga, Property Assistant
  9. Albert Lalremsanga, Editing Assistant

Email :