The Assembly Meeting held in 1930 established Literature Publishing Organisation having 7 members. Again, in the year 1937 ‘Literature & Translation Board’ was established. In 1948, Rev. Liangkhaia was appointed to look after and execute its concerns.

Literature Committee
In the year 1961, “Synod Literature Committee” came into existence so as to take necessary steps in regards to book publishing. It has 4 Committee members, such as-
Rev. Sakhawliana(Convener)
Rev. L.N. Ralte
Rev. J.M. Lloyd
Mr. Muka

Full-time workers
As per one of the suggestions of the Synod Literature Committee, Upa C. Sangzuala was employed on a full time worker to run the department. Agreement was made with the Press & Bookroom Committee to widen and strengthen the workings of the Committee through literature. So, in 1978, “Synod Publication Board” was established to work side by side with the Synod Literature Committee. One of their objectives was to publish sound, helpful, relevant books to the people of Mizoram.

Beginning of the Office
Two years after the establishment of the Synod Publication Board i.e., 1980, three (3) Board members were appointed as a full time worker under this Board. The three members did all the proof reading and publication which the Committee requested them to do.
The Synod Meeting, 1994 have combined ‘Literature and Publication’ into one body and named ‘Literature & Publication Board’. It was then up-graded to a full-fledged board. The meeting appointed the following as SL&PB members:

Ex-Officio Member:
Chairman – Synod Moderator
Vice Chairman – General Manager (Prescom)
Secretary – Editor
Executive Secretary i/c SL&PB
Synod Secretary

Elected Members
Seven persons who were interested in literature were nominated by the Synod. Therefore, there were 12 members altogether.

Projects of SL&PB
The main projects of The Synod Literature & Publication:
• To edit and process all the publication materials of the Synod.
• To prepare and publish book that will be helpful for the Church and the State.
• To motivate the people to buy only good morale books.
• Launching Literature Promotion programme and also to conduct trainings, seminars, etc.
• To look after the publication of the following periodicals –

Kristian Tlangau (Christian Herald) – a monthly magazine with 31,500 copies per month
Kristian Naupang (Christian Children) – with 21,000 copies per month
Synod newsletters – 1,17,000 copies fortnightly

• To prepare Financial Budgets subject to the approval of the Synod Meeting, and will give the reports to the Synod in return.

The SL&PB Office will function in accordance with the provisions outlined by the Synod Meeting, 1994.
Book Work: Proof reading and printing is being processed to the Press by the Board. A total of 30 – 40 books have been published every year. For private matters, if the Board is willing to take the responsibility on the publication, they first make the fair copy and did all the editing and the copy rights will be preserved by the Board itself.
Journals/Magazines : Three official journals of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church like Kristian Tlangau, Kristian Naupang, and Synod Newsletter were published every month. Articles, sermons, etc. were collected from different resource persons for these magazines/journals.
• Books which will be helpful for the people of the State and the Churches were collected from several distinct writers. In relation to this, Mizo Bible Dictionary, Mizo Grammar, English-Mizo Dictionary, Historical Study of the Mizo Christians were being prepared.
• It conducts literature campaigns, seminars, workshops in different places to motivate the people to have more interest in the field of literature.