Thil tha tih atan Krista Isuaah chuan siama awmin,
ama kutchhuak kan ni si a,
chu cthil tha tih chu kan awmna turin
Pathianin a buatsaih lawk a ni.
Ephesi 2:10


The Christian Youth Fellowship is the youth wing of the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram for the benefit of the Church in general and the youth in particular. Right from its inception, the Christian Youth Fellowship commonly known as the ‘KTP’ has been a platform to strengthen youth fellowship, sharing of leadership and pooling together of talents. It has enabled and helped its members to be closer to each other and to respect and express concern for each other. The KTP has been coordinating the youth works of different Districts and Branches and promoting closer ties to each other. As KTP is only a fellowship, it does not interfere in Church courts nor question the authority of any decisions taken by the Synod. On the other hand, it tries to be of greater service to the church as well as promoting activities among the youth.
On the outset it would be appropriate to mention that most of the information given in this website are those about the Central KTP which is the main body responsible for organizing programmes and activities at the state level. The main function of the Central KTP is to act as the body, which oversees the various activities of all districts and branches of the KTP spread out not only all over the state but also outside Mizoram. It ensures that all districts and branches work in cohesion.
Existence KTP was formed on February 22, 1954 under the leadership of Rev.O.W. Owen (a missionary) working in Mizoram and a Provisional Committee was formed under the guidance and supervisions of Rev.O.W. Owen.

: Saved to Serve ( Ephesians 2:10)


1) To guide the youths in faith and in the likeness of Jesus Christ.
2) To prepare the youth to be the pillar of the Church.
3) To fulfill the mission of the Church.
4) To preach the Gospel.


Right from its inception the KTP has its own Guidelines, which is approved by the Synod Executive Committee (S.E.C.). The Guidelines had been revised and enlarged 11 times (1954, 1962, 1969, 1974, 1978,1982,1985,1990,1995,1999 and 2004 respectively).


The membership is open to all the Presbyterian youths in the Church between the age group of 14 to 40 years of age residing in the state and outside the state of Mizoram.

Statistics (2006 reports) :

(1) Number of Branches : 738
(2) Number of Pastorates : 143
(3) Number of Office Bearers : 6
(4) Number of Committee Members : 12
(5) Members : 1,13,955

Financial Statement
The total sum of money raised by the Branches and Districts amounted to Rs.51,365,491.00 in 2005 and Rs.56,128,327.00 in 2006.

Sources of income :

(1) Budget received from Synod
(2) District Budget received from Districts
(3) From selling of Audio Cassettes and different books published by the Central KTP Committee

Worship/Services :

K.T.P. is a three-tier Organization. It exists at the local church level, District level and Central level. Every Branch conducts weekly worship service every Monday evening and most of the Branches have their weekly Prayer meetings and fellowships every Sunday afternoon. These two regular meetings are very useful for the members not only in strengthening one another spiritually and giving a sense of unity amongst the members it also acts as a training ground for future leaders of the church and the community.

Mission and Evangelism :

Evangelization being one of its major objectives, the KTP alone supported 679 missionaries in 2005 and the number has risen to 781 in the year 2006.The cost of supporting one missionary per month being Rs. 1,000 is not the actual salary but rather a nominal sum. This scheme is introduced by the Synod to promote missionary zeal among church members.
Financial support for the missionaries, which are received from the Branches and District Committees, are administered through the Missions Department of the Mizoram Synod. Besides financial support, Districts and Branches also regularly organize Work Camps and Mission Field Visits in various Mission Fields through which many new Church Buildings and Missionary Quarters are being constructed every year.
These projects and visits also give the youth first-hand experience of the mission fields and therefore give them the awareness on the urgency and the need for missions and its support.

General Conference

The General Conference, which has always been the main event of the KTP every year, is a source of inspiration and motivation for the members of the KTP.The first General Conference was held at Teachers’ Training School at Mission Veng from 23-26, September 1954. Since then the General Conference has been held annually at various venues in different parts of Mizoram till 2004. From 2005 the General Conference has been held biennially while a conference attended by only official delegates each representing a branch or a district is held in between the General Conferences.

Thus, in 2005 a Conference was organized and held in Khatla Presbyterian Church. It was of a much smaller scale compared to the General Conference and was more of a business meeting where the official delegate representing each branch and district gathered to discuss and make a number of resolutions. There were 649 delegates on this occasion.
In 2006 the 51st General Conference was held at East Lungdar town and was attended by more than 20,000 delegates. Fraternal delegates also attended the Conference from different parts of India and abroad.
The Conference was blessed with sermons from important church leaders and special items presented by youth from various districts. It was indeed a wonderful experience to witness and enjoy the variety of talents from different parts of the state. The 52nd�General Conference is to be held at Bilkhawthlir during 6 – 9, March 2008.

Golden Jubilee celebration

The KTP became 50 years old in 2004. Golden Jubilee Celebration cum 2004 K.T.P. General Conference was held at Vaivakawn Field, Aizawl. Nearly 40,000 delegates attended it. Fraternal delegates from a number of states outside Mizoram and abroad attended the Celebration. Golden Jubilee Week was observed on 2nd Week of October 2003 on which all Branches arranged different programmes. The collection received during this week was sent to the Central K.T.P. which was used to aid orphanages and rehabilitation centres.
In addition to these, Golden Jubilee Trophy choir competition was organised on 28th – 29th October 2004.The best Choir trophy (pic 2) was given to the Mission Vengthlang Church Choir.
An exhibition was also organized in which hundreds of photographs and exhibits were displayed during the General Conference. The exhibition was greatly valued by the thousands of visitors who took a glimpse of the past through the exhibition.
To commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the KTP a monument was set up in the Synod Conference Centre, Aizawl.
Another lasting souvenir of the Jubilee was the publication of a book, ‘KTP Lamtluang’, which was released during the General Conference. Besides many interesting articles and photographs the book contains the most recent and updated history of the KTP.

Other programmes and activities of the Central KTP

*As it is the aim of the KTP to train and produce future leaders of the church and the community leadership trainings are organized at all levels. Central Committee members are constantly requested by branches and districts to conduct these trainings. A state level�Trainers Training on Leadership�was organized by the Central KTP on 17th June 2005, which was attended by 397 KTP youth leaders from all over the state.
*Drugs and alcohol abuse gradually becoming a menace in the state, the KTP has taken up the ministry among youth with such problems. Most branches and districts are currently engaged in such programmes to rehabilitate youth who are in the clutches of this problem. The Central KTP organised a Training on the ministry among Drugs and Alcohol abusers on August 26th 2005 in the four District Capitals of Mizoram. 529 youth leaders from all over the state attended the training.
* A Praise and Worship Music Video CD (recorded with Live music) was produced by the Central KTP in 2005. The Mizoram Synod Choir and a number of popular gospel singers took part in making this music video. The price of one VCD is Rs. 60/-
* A one day seminar on The Role of Music Ministry in Mission was also organized jointly by the Central KTP and the Synod Music Committee on the 14th December 2005 in which 529 members participated. Two papers were presented and are now compiled as a book.
* A Questionnaire was prepared in 2005 to learn and understand the problems and situation of the present youth. It is hoped that after compilation this questionnaire will be useful for further ministry among the youth.
* The Central Committee went on Tours and Visits in and outside the state on 82 occasions during 2005-2006.

Prayer and Youth Centre

A vast area of land acquired by the KTP in the outskirts of Aizawl at Hlimen is being prepared for the purpose of prayer, devotion and meditation. On completion the campus would be utilized by individuals, groups and Branches for prayer camps, retreats etc.
The project is gradually making progress as the construction of some buildings has been underway.

Visits abroad :

* During March 18-April 3, 2005 the CKTP sent a delegation of 8 members on a visit to Bridgend District Project, Wales. Being warmly welcomed by the Presbyterian Church of Wales as well as the Council for World Mission, the visit is expected to bring both the Presbyterian Churches in Wales and Mizoram to work together more fruitfully in future ministries.
* During June 29- July 15, 2006 the Central KTP sent a delegation of 6 members to Taiwan to attend the “I Love Taiwan” Ministry. The PCT (Presbyterian Church of Taiwan) warmly welcomed our delegates. This visit is also expected to bring both the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan and Mizoram closer and work together in the future. In response to this visit five (5) members of PCT came and visited Mizoram during May 2006
* Having established good relations with the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan the Central KTP sent a group of 4 members to Taiwan between June 24 – July 20, 2007 under the Taiwan Youth Exchange Programme.


A one-day Consultation on HIV/AIDS & PROSTITUTION was organized by KTP on 19th�May 2007 at Synod Committee Room in which 17 representatives from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) participated in the consultation.
The Consultation was organized in pursuance of the resolution passed by the business meeting of the KTP at Armed Veng in 2007 where it was decided that the KTP take a more active role in the fight against HIV/AIDS and prostitution. It was, therefore, decided by the Central Committee to organize the consultation in which the KTP sought the advice and suggestions of the NGOs as to how the KTP can make a significant contribution in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Prostitution.

Theme of the Year

K.T.P. has a practice of pronouncing a particular theme for the year. This is pursued in all Branches and Districts as per the guideline set by the Central Committee. The theme for 2005 is “Fear of the Lord” while in 2006 it was “Salvation”. In 2007 the theme was “Diligence and The Stable Christian Life” (Christian Life-Stability)”

Mizoram Synod Choir

Being entrusted by the Mizoram Synod, the Central KTP Committee undertakes the task of forming and looking after the ministry of the Mizoram Synod Choir (which is the official standing choir of the Mizo Synod).
Mission and Ministry of the Choir in and abroad had been successful and impressive. The Choir now has 22 members including a Conductor.
The choir has produced 1 English, two Mizo audiocassettes and a Hindi Audio cassette entitled Mere Geeto was released in 2003.
(i) The Choir had visited the Mission fields of Lucknow and New Delhi during December 2005 and had a fruitful ministry in the Spiritual Revival Campaign at Kolkata in 2006. The Choir visits as many branches and districts as possible in and outside of Mizoram. Thus, they had gone more than 54 times on these visits during the last two years.
(ii) The Choir has also recorded several songs in the Doordarshan Kendra, Aizawl and All India Radio, Aizawl. And have recorded more than10 songs in the Local Cable T.V.They are now presently working on their debut music video album. These recordings and performances have been highly rated and are appreciated all over the state.

Periodical Journal

A monthly Journal of the KTP ‘Kristian Thalai’, established in 1970, is published by the Central Committee continues to be a useful instrument to disseminate KTP news and information among its members. It has been a very useful agent to get in touch with members and Branches especially in the remote areas where leaders cannot pay frequent visits. The Journal now has 24,600 subscribers in the state and other parts of the country as well as abroad.

Jesus film

In collaboration with Campus Crusade, “Jesus” a film on Jesus Christ is being dubbed in Mizo. The editing was done in Orlando, Canada; the film is expected to be ready for release very soon.

Business Meeting

The ‘Rorel Inkhawm’ or business meeting of the KTP was held during 10-11 March 2007 at Armed Veng Presbyterian Church, Aizawl. As it is now the practice to have such business meetings in the year when the General Conference is not held, only the official delegates of each branch and district once again attended the meeting. The meeting passed a number of important resolutions. It was resolved that the KTP take up steps in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Prostitution.
The meeting also decided that the reading of the Holy Bible be organized throughout the state by the Central KTP on the occasion of the MLA Election in 2008.

Contact :

Kristian Thalai Pawl
Synod Office (Synod Conference Centre)
Mission Veng, Aizawl – 796 001,
Mizoram, India

Telephone – 91 0389 2335821
Email –